casino mathematics

It may not feel like you need to know that much about math to be able to play in casinos, and most of the time it actually is, at least if you only play once in a while, mostly for fun. If you take your gambling at casinos a little more seriously and e.g. want to be able to live on this in the future, however, there is reason to know a little about math at the casino in order to benefit from this. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to everything you need to know about the mathematics involved in casinos.


This is a term used to denote the chances of winning in various casino games, especially the luck-based ones. Different games, at different casinos, with different software, have different high winning chances, depending on how the game works. Calculating the chances of winning is relatively complicated, but with many online casinos a probability of winning is actually indicated, in the form of the refund percentage for the game that is indicated. A payback percentage indicates how much of all money is put into the game, i.e. which the players play for, which is also paid out to the players who play the game. The higher the refund percentage, the better it is of course for you who play, so if you want to be sure to play the casino game that you have the best chances of winning, this is the number you should look out for.


There are lots of statistics that you can take a look at for different casino games, above all there are many who use this for casino games that are not completely luck-based, but where you yourself have good opportunities to influence the outcome of the game in different ways, such as .ex. poker and blackjack. By looking at statistics for different scenarios in these games, it is easier to plan different game strategies and know what you should or shouldn’t do in different situations. Some do this on their own, but it is also common for people to use ready-made betting strategies, where a professional has looked at the statistics to develop this method.

The house advantage

In order for casinos to make money from their business, they have an advantage over the player. This means that the house, or the casino and those who run it, win more often than the players do in general. How big of an advantage the house has depends on the game you play and on the casino itself, as well as the game software used, so this can vary quite a bit. You, as a player, of course want the house advantage to be as low as possible, because then your own chances of winning are greater, so it can pay to look for casino games and casinos where this is the case.


This of course refers to the money you have to play with at the casino. Many people use different mathematical systems to make sure that you don’t lose too much money too quickly, and to manage the bankroll. Above all, for those who do not have much money to play with, or those who play very often, this is recommended.

Mathematics Behind Online Casino

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