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Live streaming is becoming an increasingly common term, but even though we hear about streaming daily, not everyone knows what it means. Streaming is when audio and video files are played on the recipient’s device at the same time as they are transmitted via a network, in most cases the Internet. One can use streaming to play stored files from websites, or to receive live events on the Internet, live streaming.

Live Casino

An example of live streaming is the live casino that more and more online casinos offer. In live casino there is a real dealer in a studio somewhere on the globe, and through live streaming you can watch the dealer spin the roulette wheel or deal the cards, and follow the game in real time. Via a chat you can even communicate with the dealer, and streaming plus chat provides a very realistic casino experience.

However, live streaming is also used to broadcast football matches and other sporting events, to facilitate betting and gambling. And of course you can also post videos online via live stream.

Live Streaming Providers and Platforms

There are many different live stream providers. For those who want to broadcast or watch videos, there is, for example, You can use Livestream for free, but to get access to all functions, such as HD quality and earning opportunities, you have to pay a monthly fee. They describe themselves as the internet’s most powerful live stream platform.

Ustream is a streaming service that has existed since 2006. Here you have to pay a monthly fee, but there is also the option of a 3-month free trial.

Twitch is a stream provider that has niched itself in E-sports and gaming. Here you can follow e-sports, or computer and TV games, directly and there is also the possibility to broadcast your own game videos.

If you don’t want to broadcast your own live videos, you might prefer to find live streaming providers. If you are interested in sports, for example, Unibet is a good choice. Unibet live stream often broadcasts popular matches completely free, and you don’t have to miss anything because you don’t have the right TV channel. However, other betting sites, such as bet365, also broadcast live streamed sports. The rapid technological development is constantly opening new doors. With live streaming, it is not only possible to quickly post your own videos online, but also to be able to watch both sports and other events live, without being there. The technology also makes it possible for online casinos to offer a gaming experience that comes very close to that of a physical casino. With live dealers and games in real time, you get a fantastic gaming experience that you may have missed in the casino’s usual game selection. But, you can also use live streaming to reach more people with your event, no matter how small or big it is. Everything from the big fair to a small lecture can be broadcast live via online streaming.

Live Streaming Casino

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