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Are you thinking on joining the online casino? If so, what things you should consider? What separates a good casino from a bad one? There is a large selection of online casinos, and although it is of course good that there are many choices, the choice can be difficult for many.

The games

The most important thing when choosing among casino sites is of course that they offer the games you like best. After all, you want to play games and then of course there must be games that appeal to you. The range of games is important, but it does not have to be the size of the range that is decisive. Some casinos are niche, and if they offer the type of games you want to play, there may not be hundreds of other games. The quality of games also plays a big role, and it is often determined by which software provider(s) the casino uses. Many casinos choose to take games from several of the big suppliers, in order to be able to offer as good and wide a range as possible. Then there are also games that are mobile that are available in the mobile. Which is usually referred to as mobile casino.


In addition to the range of games, the bonuses are probably the most important factor when choosing an online casino. You can get a welcome bonus at almost all casinos, but what and how much you get varies.

Which bonus is the best is also an individual matter. If you are a big player and want to bet a lot of money, a deposit bonus is the best choice. The more you deposit, the more free money you can get. If you are a more cautious player, a free bonus with no deposit requirements may be the best bonus for you. Then you get a fixed amount of money to play for without having to deposit anything into the game account. Free spins as a welcome bonus give you the opportunity to get started quickly and easily, which is extra valuable for new and inexperienced players.

Customer support

Customer support is of course also important when it comes to finding the right casino. If you run into problems or have any questions, it is valuable to be able to get in touch with support quickly.

Opening hours and methods of contact vary, and it is of course good to choose a casino whose customer service has generous opening hours and good opportunities to reach help. Many casinos today offer support via a live chat, which means that you can always get help quickly. Customer support in native language feels safer for many players, simply because it is always easier to get help in their own language.

Payment options

How to make money transfers to and from the gaming account can also be decisive when choosing a casino. A casino that offers many different payment methods gives you more opportunity to find a method that you feel safe with. Today, there are lots of different secure ways to transfer money online, and most casinos also offer a fairly large selection of options.

Loyalty program

Most casinos reward loyal customers with some form of loyalty program or VIP club. But how you are rewarded, and what gives points looks different at different casinos, and here it can be worthwhile to take a look before you decide where to play.

How to choose an online casino?

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